Just do it!

I recently saw an Instagram Post by Mel Robbins that really got me thinking. I’ve been a fan of her no-nonsense approach to life for quite some time, but this post just resonated with me on another level. She basically says whatever you are avoiding (that you know you should be doing!) – even if you don’t like it, just do it! In this case, she’s referring to her yoga class, but it could be anything that you know you should do, but just don’t want to. In my case, it’s exercise. Recently, I’ve noticed that I almost get rebellious about it. The more I read about it, hear about it or see people doing it, the less I want to – not sure what that’s about…

Part of the journey, I guess!

So, the last two nights (early days!) I have been exercising. Just following a simple 30-day challenge app, and hating every minute of it. I’m giving it a chance, and I am just doing it! I think as I go along, I will either learn to like it, or it could open up doors to other healthy activities I could like.

I am also trying to work on my mindset and appreciate my body more. I am able to do many things that others wish they could. The simple blessing of walking somewhat normally again (more on that later) motivates me to try and be better.

I am trying to think long-term. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and something I want to incorporate into my life for good.

I think we live in a society where we are encouraged to always feel good. Sometimes we need to do things that don’t feel that great in order to get where we want to be. For me, that’s exercise!


It’s not my first time…

This is a blog about my journey to health. It’s most definitely not my first rodio with the “health journey”. Let me be the first to say – I am lazy. I don’t enjoy excercise and I most certainly do not enjoy dieting. I do realise though that looking after yourself is important, especially now that I am a mom. I want to be there for my daughter in

every way possible, for as long as possible. I see my bad eating habits and how it may affect her, and I want to set a good, healthy and balanced example. So this will be my effort to explore various healthy options and improve my lifestyle for the better. I will be posting my progress, victories and lessons as I go along. Let’s try again!